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"A marriage is said to begin once the bride and groom finish circling the holy fire. Agni Sakshi is the story of marriage which is over before it even begins.Sannidhi, is engaged to marry Siddharth. She is a bright girl who never had a proper education.Siddarth’s household consists of a sole female member i.e. his elder brother’s wife, Chandrika. Chandrika has taken the role of the mother to Siddarth and his younger brother and sister. Chandrika chooses Sannidhi as a suitable bride for Siddarth as she feels Sannidhi having no proper education will be easy to control. She does this as she doesn’t want to lose her power over the household to a new daughter-in-law.Sannidhi gets married to Siddarth only to learn that Siddarth is in love with someone else and wants to divorce her immediately.rnNow begins the saga of Agni-Sakshi, the story of Sannidhi who sacrifices everything for her husband’s happiness. Is there really divine power in the marriage fire and will it bring Siddarth and Sannidhi together?"
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