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Lakshmi Baaramma |Mon - Sat| 7:30 PM - 8:00 PM
"This is a story of Lakshmi aka Lachi, her dreams and her marriage with Chandan, the accidental husband who never considered her his wife. It is about how Lachi does everything for the guy who did the biggest favour by marrying her. rnChandan is a 26 year old bachelor who is in love with Shruthi. Parvathi, Chandan's widow mother, means the world to him. She is against love marriage and advices her son not to repeat the mistake she made. Parvathi talks about her dream daughter-in-law who will not just love him but will also be a part of all ups and downs in his life. A girl with a golden heart... Chandan and Lachi get into a marriage of convenience against Chandan's wishes. He does it only as a favour to Lachi and her grandmother. What meaning would this marriage have? What happens to his love and what stand would the family take?"
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